Throw Out Your Old Crap…. Even If It Works

As technology progresses faster and faster, more and more of our electronic devices are becoming out of date.

"Yes... Yes I am a dork."

In a recent closet clean at my parents home I came across an old video camcorder. It was a JVC that I believe cost somewhere around $600 brand new. Due to my family being slightly obsessive about taking care of things, it’s in near perfect condition and works great.

Now here I’m stuck with a dilemma. This hunk of plastic weighs about 5 pounds. Has a huge plastic case. And records on a rather large cassette tape. The video quality is on par with low grade VCR, and using it in public might bring suspicion as it is big enough to gut the innards and smuggle drugs in.

Meanwhile… my iPhone 4 takes 720p HD video with very decent quality sound. It’s already in a format that can be transferred to my computer, my PS3, or even straight to my television. You can’t smuggle drugs in it. And the last time I checked, the iPhone does a few other slightly useful things than just taking video.

Now,  I think it’s in humans instinct to hoard. And some very prominent cable channels are exploiting the shit out of this very notion. We’re all like a kid with his face smashed against the glass looking at toys when we watch these shows. But we still have the same little ticks in our head. When I look at this camera… like many probably would, I say to myself, “I can find a use for this!”

Thirty minutes later, your closet has another piece of chotski.

"These monitors are going to be great when I build that space station!"

There are several points and realities you have to face when in this situation.

1 – The memories you created with the camera will not disappear or, as a dramatic hoarder would say, “die”, if you no longer possess the camera.

2 – It’s not worth anything. A simple google search will show that 99% of all electronic devices that are obsolete are worth nothing.

3 – You will never, EVER, get around to using it again. It will become a lost sticky. (More on lost stickies in a future article)

So in closing… don’t hold onto obsolete electronics just because they “work”. You might as well ditch it. You will get some liberation out of just throwing a space waster in the trash. I’ve done it, and will continue to do it. 

I’m not advocating waste. If it makes you feel better to recycle it then do so. All I’m saying is you might find it more entertaining to simply put it in the driveway and light it on fire.

– GT